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What is Wacholder?

Rüdemann Wacholder

Juniper spirit is the forefather of gin

A German doctor from Hanau, named Franz de la Boë, invented this juniper-alcohol mixture in his place of work in the Netherlands more than 400 years ago. What was originally intended for medical purposes only, quickly began its triumphal march as "Genever" first in the Netherlands and then also as "Wacholderbrand" in neighbouring Westphalia. It was only later that this invigorating drink was also appreciated in England and mixed with the tonic water invented by the English against malaria. The rest is history. In the meantime, Gin Tonic has become one of the most popular long drinks in the world and the gin culture has grown into a real movement. There are now countless types of gin on the market with all kinds of "botanicals" and the wildest flavours. But hardly anyone remembers the roots of gin and the tradition associated with it. We want to change that with our Rüdemann Wacholder. We do not need countless botanicals or even artificial additives. Rüdemann Wacholder is also an absolute delight with few natural ingredients that the local forest offers us, whether pure or with tonic. Cheers and ho Rüd' ho!

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